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Safe Energy Efficient Home Technology

Planning or designing a "safe energy efficient house" requires that you do a lot of advance study. Present day house builders do not make changes very easy and you will find that not very many will even think about building you a house that comes up to this level of construction. The real place to start before designing or talking to a builder is to contact Building Science Corporation and check out “Designs that work” site .

Be prepared to think of home construction in a complete different way. Check with these companies as there products are essential to this type of construction.   They have it together!

Foam POLYFOAM,  Marketing Development Manager, Dave Faulkner, 888-774-1099

HVAC, ERV, FTP LIFEBREATH,  All Seasons Marketing, Kevin, 800-241-5236,  770-516-8045

Insulated Concrete Forms,  AMVICVP Sales, Business DevelopmentPat McMahon,  1-877-470-9991 x 124